Rodney Sapini

  • Founder and president of The Sapini Group, is a strategic business alliance planner and life balance coach. Observed that once corporations have utilized valuable talents of employees, companies were able to identify opportunities that gain sustainable competitive business objectives. Mission is to bring individual talents together towards a goal to create unprecedented opportunities and make a difference in all areas of life.

  • Mentored and coached a variety of people ranging from IT professionals, sales personnel and executives. Known as the logistic manager, a reputation he earned for creating solutions to everyday conundrums.

  • A great listener who has the intuition to understand people at an emotional level, creating a caring connection – which is the cornerstone to helping people make real change.

  • Founded Sapini Coaching in 2005 to educate people on the benefits of a balanced personal and professional life. In 2007, partnered with specialized coaches, and business-process experts to form The Sapini Group LLC with the vision to change and elevate the way we do business in the world. The newly formed The Sapini Group LLC trains mid-to- high level management to develop creative intrapreneurial initiatives with employees and learning organizations. These partnerships address today's challenging corporate realities and give businesses a sustainable competitive advantage. Naturally, both the individual AND the organization benefit by such a comprehensive approach.

Specialties: Employee engagement, purchasing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate liaison, technology planing, Six Sigma trained